Testing Instruments

Scientific Instrument Traders is among the leading entities that is involved in exporting high grade quality range of Testing Instruments to customers. These are used for testing various basic measurements of different things in a laboratory. The instruments provide accurate results and eliminates the chances of any error. These have dimensional accuracy, strong configuration and ability to perform perfectly for countless number of years. The Testing Equipments provide reliable working and consuming 220 to 240 volts of power. These are available with us in different types, so customers can avail according to their requirements. The instruments have high tensile strength.

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Otoscope Labappara

Price: 500 INR

Otoscope Labappara Rheostat to adjust the intensity of light. "C" dry battery handle

Product Image (SIT-2601)

Ophthalmoscope Labappara

Price: 2100 INR

Ophthalmoscope Labappara 1. Display Nasal speculum, Bent Arm Throat Illuminator Light. 2. Chrome Plated Tongue Depressor with Holder. 3. Trauma causing hot bulb. 4. No possibility of loose bulb entering oral airway. 5. Cool high power light. 6. No electrical wires in the blade. 7. No electrical switches. 8. Full stainless steel construction. 9. No Flickering. 10. Over 3000 fibers bundled together ensures steady, bright & focused beam.

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Ocular Micrometer Labappara

Price: 300 INR

OCULAR MICROMETER LABAPPARA Ocular Micrometer Description Our Ocular Micrometer is divided to 100 parts and is a permanently etched scale. Every fifth line of the Ocular Micrometer is numbered and it does not wear off. We are a prominent Ocular Micrometer Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier in India. Our Ocular Micrometer can be properly cleaned with a tissue. Details Size : 19mm Round & 10mm linear scale It fits 19 mm diameter eyepieces Packed in round plastic box

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Rotary Vacuum Film Evaporator Labappara

Price: 35000 INR

Product Specification:- Rotary Vacuum Film Evaporator Labappara We are a reputed entity in the industry, actively engaged in offering an optimum quality range of Rotary Vacuum Film Evaporator.

Product Image (SIT - 450)

Willy Mill Labappara

Price: 9240 INR

Laboratory Willy Mill Type For preparation of samples, for analysis with minimum loss of moisture of volatile constituents. Weight distribution and balancing of rotating parts has been adjusted to provide greater stability and quieter performance with reduced vibration. Unit having two stationary steel blades and Rotary with steel edges,provided in the cast Iron chamber.

Product Image (SIT - 520)

Gel Electrophoresis Labappara

Price: 13300 INR

Product Specification Gel Electrophoresis Labappara Gel Electrophoresis System Vertical Mini with glass plates, combs. Leak proof, Moulded in single piece made of polycarbonate. 99.9% pure platinum wire is used in electrode.

Product Image (SIT - 360)

Conical Perculator Labappara

Price: 525 INR

Conical Percolator (Stainless Steel) Labappara Conical percolator with lid. Conical percolator is made of Drain cock. Conical percolator stainless steel sieve on 3-legged stand. Stainless steel Capacity 1000 ml with lid, Drain cock, Stainless steel sieve on 3 legged stand, Joint-less. Capacity -1000 ml.

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Brodie's Kymograph Labappara

Price: 50400 INR

Product Specification:- Brodies Kymograph Labappara We are counted amongst reckoned names in the industry, committed towards manufacturing a broad gamut of Brodie Starling Kymograph,which is used in physiology lab. This kymograph is manufactured using superior grade raw components to ensure flawless functionality.

Product Image (SIT - 530)

Gaduums Outflow Recorder Labappara

Price: 2100 INR

GADUUMS OUTFLOW RECORDER LABAPPARA Phase Single Phase Material Mild Steel Color Silver and Black Automation Grade Semi Automatic Finish Polished

Product Image (SIT - 1330)

Tissue Culture Station Labappara

Price: 7000 INR

Product Specification:- Tissue Culture Station Labappara Leveraging on our vast industry experience, we are offering our clients a finest quality range of Tissue Culture Station. Offered station is suitable to be used in small Laboratories like schools, colleges and other places. Tissue culture refers to the process through which tissues are grown outside of the host body. The provided station is manufactured with utmost precision using premium grade raw material under the guidance of our skilled professionals at our sophisticated manufacturing unit. Furthermore, this Tissue Culture Station is made available at industry leading prices.

Product Image (SIT - 1280)

Frog Muscle Chamber Labappara

Price: 665 INR

FROG MUSCLE CHAMBER LABAPPARA Bath size 17x33cms fabricated out of Transparent Perspex sheet, chemically welded to make it perfectly leak-proof. Complete with cork lined bottom, a pair of adjustable silver electrodes, Clamps & drain, Interchangeable muscle & Heart lever fitments.

Product Image (SIT - 10)

Frog Heart Chamber Labappara

Price: 665 INR

Product Specification:- Frog Heart Chamber Labappara Bath fabricated out of transparent Perspex sheet, chemically welded to make it perfectly leak-proof. Completed with clamp & drain, a pair of silver electrodes and adjustable heart lever fitments.

Product Image (SIT - 70)

Simple Electrode Labappara

Price: 98 INR

Product Specification:- Simple Electrode:- We are counted amid the foremost and reputed distributors of Simple Electrode. This type of electrode is highly reckoned in market for welding and processing functions. Wide varieties of these electrodes is available at our end with different specifications. Owing to their ORP functions, compact design for insertion and high temperature versions, all these electrodes are highly acclaimed by the clients. Our competent procurement team makes sure that each and every Simple Electrode is procured from some of the renowned vendors present in market.

Product Image (SIT - 2730)

Tablet Hardness Tester (Monsanto Type) Labappara

Price: 1700 INR

Product Description Tablet Hardness Tester (Monsanto type) Labappara Tablet hardness tester (Monsanto type) is a laboratory technician used by the laboratory to test the breaking point and structural integrity of a tablet under conditions of storage, and handling before usage. The breaking point of a tablet is based on its shape. Monsanto type small portable device to measure the hardness

Product Image (SIT - 2830)

Student Polarimeter Labappara

Price: 5500 INR

Product Description Student polarimeter half shade The polarimeter has Laurent half shadow system suitable with white light or sodium light. Specially designed easy to use, moderately priced instrument for colleges and research laboratories for determining the specific rotation of optically active substances.

Product Image (SIT - 2731)

Tablet Hardness Tester (Peizer type) Labappara

Price: 5500 INR

Product Specification:- Tablet Hardness Tester Labappara Tablet hardness testing, is a laboratory technique used by the laboratory to test the breaking point and structural integrity of a tablet under conditions of storage, and handling before usage. The breaking point of a tablet is based on its shape.

Product Image (SIT - 2880)

Hand Refractometer Labappara

Price: 3600 INR

Product Specification:- HAND Refractometer The Hand Refractometer is used for measuring a liquid's refractive index. It works on the critical angle principle by which lenses and prisms project a shadow line onto a small glass reticle inside the instrument, which is then viewed by the user through a magnifying eyepiece. It has a special light refraction system for color elimination to obtain sharp critical boundary line and optimum contrast. This is light instrument for field and laboratory use, for estimation of sugar contents, Brix and T.S.S.

Product Image (SIT - 2700)

Tincture Press Labappara

Price: 3500 INR

Product Specification:- Tincture Press Labappara:- Extra heavy for making tinctures decoctions & infusions. Tincture Press Stainless steel disc with screw drive. Tincture Press a stainless steel inner perforated vessel.

Product Image (SIT - 2840)

Research Polarimeter Labappara

Price: 29000 INR

Product Specification : Research Polarimeter Labappara : Used in medical pharmaceutical and chemicals research laboratory consists of a imported half shade nicol polarimeter analyzer 100mm diameter circular scale divided in degrees 0 to 360 x1 and a sugar scale divided -30 to +130 x 1 iss, a divided micrometer drum is given to read 0.053 minutes and 0.1 is the scale is properly illuminanted for taking reading the body is very sturdy and complete with polarimeter tube bubble traps at the center 200mm. sodium lamp with stand transformer.

Product Image (SIT - 2790)

Tissue Processing Unit Labappara

Price: 15500 INR

Product Specification:- Automatic Tissue Processor Labappara Single

Product Image (SIT - 2510)

Tablet Disintegration Tester Labappara

Price: 7500 INR

Product Specification:- Tablet Disintegration Tester:- Disintegration Test Machine is electrically operated. Used to find out disintegration of tablets.

Product Image (SIT - 263)

Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus Labappara

Price: 11000 INR

Product Specification:- Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus Labappara:- With our in-depth knowledge of this domain, we are actively engaged in offering an excellent quality assortment of Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus.

Product Image (SIT - 268)

Tablet Making Machine Labappara

Price: 40000 INR

Product Specification:- Tablet Making Machine - Scientific Equipment:- • Automatic compression and ejection device with each revolution of the wheel drive. • Automatic feed and removal of tablets. • Heavy cast body with eccentric pressure supreme. • Stainless steel hopper provided and connected by a rubber tube. • Easy setting for thickness and hardness of tablets with nuts & locknut and set of two spanners. • Die and set punches are of chromium steel fitted on stand.

Product Image (SIT - 2550)

Tablet Friability Labappara

Price: 8500 INR

Product Specification:- Tablet Friability Labappara:- This apparatus is designed to determine the abrasion rate & impact hardness of tablet. One transparent acrylic drum rotator by superior quality constant speed sturdy motor, mounted in painted sheet metal cabinet.

Product Image (SIT - 2490)

Student Spiro Meter Labappara

Price: 12500 INR

Product Specification:- Student Spiro meter Labappara:- 6 litre capacity with chain compensated counter balance to the float balanced through cut its movement. Pulley calibrated to denote volume. Inlet and outlet tubes, strong construction. Complete with corrugated tube mouth piece & recording lever.

Product Image (SIT - 2480)

Step Down Transformer Labappara

Price: 10000 INR

Product Specification:- We are a unique entity in the industry, actively committed towards offering the best quality range of Step Down Transformer.

Product Image (SIT - 2433)

Sterility Test Apparatus Labappara

Price: 40500 INR

Product Specification:- Sterility Test Apparatus Labappara A 47 mm membrane filter is installed in a suitable holder. The liquid sample is drawn through this sterile membrane filter to concentrate any contaminating micro-organisms on the filter surface. After filtration is completed, sterile flushing fluid is passed into the funnels, rinsing all sample residues through the filters so that is cannot possibly inhibit growth of the retained micro-organisms. After this, the filter is sectioned and sceptically transferred to media for culturing. If growth is not visible after the incubation period, the sample passes the text.

Product Image (SIT - 2432)

Suction Pump Labappara

Price: 15500 INR

Product Specification:- Suction pump:- Suction Machine - Dual Bottle Suction Machine Each suction method independent of other Comes with separate vacuum gauge support with reading from 0 to -760 mmHg Electric unit option coming fitted with suitable motor support that provides for continuous flow rate

Product Image (SIT - 2160)

Capsule Counter Labappara

Price: 3000 INR

Product Specification Capsule Counter Labappara Capsulecounting device for 100 tablets of 9.5mm. Perforations made of aluminum sheet. Capsule counting device provided with pouring lip and handle.

Product Image (SIT - 2191)

Double Cone Blender Labappara

Price: 24000 INR

Product Specification Cone Blender (Double cone blender) Labappara The Double Cone Blender is an efficient and versatile machine for mixing dry powder and granules homogeneously. The effective volume for optimum homogeneity is between 35-70% of gross volume. Then double cone design eliminates dead sports, which occasionally occur in conventional double cone mixer. Double Cone Blender can be used for pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic products.

Product Image (SIT - 2132)

Dale Bath Apparatus Labappara

Price: 3500 INR

Product Description: Dale Bath Apparatus Labappara A Perspex organ bath with fine thermostatic temperature control, electronic stirrer and complete set of accessories, making it a versatile unit for all research work. Bath 9"6"8", with leak proof dovetailed joints, resting in sturdy metal frame; top of the bath carries a 1"3/8" hick band, for fixing accessories, inside the bath is a metal sheathed heating element (easily replicable) controlled by means of a fine adjustable thermostat with sensitivity ±1°C. The stirrer unit is completely independent and dips in the bath in one corner, fixing on its special stainless steel upright. A M.S. Junction box is fitted to the bath frame and carries all the electrical leads and connections two pilot lamps indicate functioning of the thermostat and stirrer.

Product Image (SIT - 2200)

Electro Convulso Meter Labappara

Price: 9000 INR

Product Description: Electro Convulso Meter Labappara Electro Convulsometer Provide 50 Hz alternating current stimulus for producing minimal and super maxial seizures required in the assay anti-convulsant and epiteptic durgs complete with one pair corneal electrode 4,6 of 8 mm cups and one pair of ear clips, works on 220 C A.C. Fitted with digital voltmeter and programmable digital measurement.

Product Image (SIT - 2250)

Jar Test Apparatus Labappara

Price: 5000 INR

Product Description: We are reckoned entity of this domain indulged in providing an enhanced quality Jar Test Apparatus. Other Details: • Specially designed for use in water treatment plants t correctly estimate the dosing of alum and such other coagulants for treatment of water and sewage. • In provides identical test conditions for all samples. • Illuminated base consists of fluorescent tube mounted below translucent plastic plate to provide diffused cold light through floc samples. • Flocculation consists of geared continuous run heavy duty 1/20HP variable speed motor from 10-100RPM with built in speed control SS stirring rods are provided with spacers to adjust the depth of stirring paddles. • The stirring shaft can be removed without disturbing other stirrers. 4 TEST and 6 TEST

Product Image (SIT - 2260)

Kymograph Labappara

Price: 12500 INR

Product Description: Kymograph Labappara Electric recording drum 4/8 speed gear system or 8 speed direct. Electrically driven drum suitable for general experiment working. Kymograph with S.S spindle on ball bearing moment, aluminum cylinder 6 dia, robust gear clutch. The cylinder is raised or lowered and is locked in position by a small lever. Accessories for Kymograph Accessories for kymograph set of 7 for conducting simple muscle twitch experiment viz. Accessories for adjustable stand induction coil, simple electrode. Tuning fork N-100, weight set & power supply. Kymograph is in glazed paper sheet.

Product Image (SIT - 2280)

Leak Test Apparatus Labappara

Price: 25500 INR

Product Description: Leak Test Apparatus Labappara Leak Test Apparatus is a solid state instrument designed for the leakage testing of food, drug and other industrial chemical products. The instrument is used to test the quality of packing processes in strips, blisters and sachets containing tablets, granulates and liquids. They are also used to check that the seals enclosing the product are perfectly intact. The unit contains a polycarbonate desiccator housing to sustain the vacuum for long time. A compact vacuum pump for creating high vacuum level in short time period is used. Test samples to be analyzed are placed into the polycarbonate desiccator housing. A vacuum pump generates vacuum inside the desiccator. The vacuum generated is held for a pre-set time, and then released. The test samples being analyzed should retain their shape during this test, indicating the sealing is correct. Secondly the strip/bottles under test are immersed in a colored dye solution (normally Methylene Blue). The venting of the desiccators will allow any holes to be penetrated by the dye and the contents of the flexible packaging will also be stained with the same coloring material.

Product Image (SIT - 2150)

Capsule Filling Machine Labappara

Price: 33500 INR

Product Description: Capsule Filling Machine Labappara This capsule filling performs a number of tasks that increases its demand in pharmaceutical industry. Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine consists of no. of plates for putting capsules by hand where as it also has function for removing caps of the capsules. Filling of powder in capsule is done by dispensing of brush pressing and after that fixing of caps is done.

Product Image (SIT - 2130)

Bone Cutting Machine Labappara

Price: 170000.00 INR

Description: It is fitted with large moving table and extension table operated on four ball-bearing rollers The table is made of thick S. S. sheet with special heavy axles for easy and firm movement. Supplied complete with one blade, starter, cord and plug, works on 220 V, single phase, 50Hz, AC Supply Uses: Used extensively in the meat packing, and wholesale fish industry, for handling sword fish etc.

Product Image (SIT - 2133)

Ultra Sonic Bath Labappara

Price: 29000 INR

Product Description: Ultrasonic Bath Labappara Capacity 1.6 - 9 Ltrs. The Ultrasonic energy is produced by converting electrical energy in to Mechanical Vibrations by using generator and piezo Electric Transducers. Due to Mechanical Vibrations in cleaning liquid this Phenomenon is called cavitation. In a very short time it removes all dirt & foreign bodies from components which are immersed in the cleaning liquid. Continuous self tuning circuitry for any change in workload, liquid level and bath temp uniform cavitations throughout the tank separate oscillator eliminates damage to generator in case of failure of transducers using 40 khz frequency for effective cleaning with low noise designed for complete cleaning of small and large components without dismantling

Product Image (SIT - 2030)

Antibiotic Zone Reader Labappara

Price: 15700 INR

Product Specification Antibiotic Zone Reader The Antibiotic zone reader provides a rapid accurate method for determining the strength of antibiotic materials by measuring the diameter of an inhibited zone in petri dish. In use, the discs are placed on a petri-dish prepared with agar and inoculated with bacteria The bacteria cover the entire dish except for a circular inhibition zone around, it being a function of the strength of the antibiotic This zone reader measures the diameter of the inhibited zone to 0.02 mm. with the range of 0 to 35 mm. Work on 230 volts A.C. 50 C/S. It is specially used in the hospital and laboratory.

Product Image (SIT - 2060)


Price: 7000 INR

Product Specification Analgesiometer Labappara . We have marked a distinct and dynamic position in the market by providing a high quality Analgesiometer (Tail Flick) that is basically used for analyzing the alternations of animal pain sensitivity induced of specific experimental genetic manipulations and context change. Our offered equipment is made available in numerous models and technical specifications to meet the vast needs of our renowned clients. This equipment is manufactured at our highly advanced production unit using pristine quality components and sophisticated technology following industry defined guidelines. Moreover, provided Analgesiometer (Tail Flick) is extensively admired by the customer for its smooth functioning and long service life.

Product Image (SIT - 1820)

Ampoule Clarity Test Apparatus Labappara

Price: 4000 INR

Product Specification:- Ampule Clarity Test Apparatus The provided apparatus is manufactured under the vigilance of our experienced professionals at our advanced production unit using quality-approved raw material. Offered apparatus is equipped with an adjustable side-arm with clamp for holding a magnifier for easy and magnified viewing during process. Clients can avail the provided Ampoule Clarity Test Apparatus from us at rock-bottom prices.

Product Image (SIT - 1830)

Aseptic Cabinet Labappara

Price: 10000 INR

Product Specification:- ASEPTIC CABINET LABAPPARA Backed by years of industry experience, we are engaged in offering a premium quality range of Aseptic Cabinet.

Product Image (SIT - 2020)

Ampoule Washing Labappara

Price: 4000 INR

Product Specification:- Ampoule Washing Machine Labappara Ampoule washing consist of 6 S.S. needle jets fixed on a stainless steel pipe 12.5 mm dia with slide tap and serrations for fixing rubber tube with tab water spring loaded ampoule holding arrangement for various size of ampoule with stainless steel bottom tray on stand.

Product Image (SIT - 1800)

Ball Mill (Laboratory Type)

Price: 12500 INR

Product Specification:- BALL MILL (LABORATORY TYPE) Ball Mill – • A ball mill is a type of grinder used to grind and blend materials for use in mineral dressing processes, paints, pyrotechnics, ceramics and selective laser sintering. • Electrically operated, motor driven • Having steel balls of different sizes to be put in jar for mixing & grinding powder. (S.S. Jar) • Made of stainless steel. • Speed control.

Product Image (SIT - 2010)

Ampoule Filling And Sealing Machine Labappara

Price: 8700 INR

Product Specification:- Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine Syringe Type Motor Driven Giving Ten Ampules Per Minutes. Capacity Of Filling Adjustable From 1ml To 10ml By A Cam Lever Arrangement. Automatic Intake & Outflow Of Fluid. All Contact Parts Are Of Borosilicate Glass.Consist Of Glass Fusing Burner For LPG With Foot Below & Rubber Tubing. Electrically operated with piston of syringe having adjustment for quantity of liquid to be filled. Completed with burner for sealing.

Product Image (SIT - 2120)

Bottle Washing Machine Labappara

Price: 15000 INR

Product Specification Bottle Washing Machine Single Brush Double Brush

Product Image (SIT - 2090)


Price: 16000 INR

Product Specification Bottle Filling Machine A Hand Operated B Automatic single syringe S.S.Cover

Product Image (SIT - 1650)

Humidifier Labappara

Price: 19000 INR

Specification:- Humidifier Labappara Capacity :- 3 Ltrs. optional :- (i) Control box with Humidifier for controlling humidity.

Product Image (SIT - 2050)


Price: 10500 INR

Product Specification Actophotometer Labappara We are a unique entity in this industry, actively engaged in offering a premium quality array of Digital Actophotometer. Digital Actophotometer is designed to study the spontaneous or induced or locomotors activity in small animals like mice or rates. In this apparatus, we have used the optical sensors and emitters to record the horizontal movements of the animals on a six digital counter display.

Product Image (SIT - 2100)


Price: 5000 INR

Product Specification Bulk Density Apparatus Specially designed to study, the packing down of powder beds of different pharmaceuticals and chemicals in the process of tablet manufacturing, capsule filling & cosmetics. Installed with an automatic device for preset of strokes. Gear driven Noiseless and sturdy motor, also provided with an electronic timer. Elegantly designed for smooth operation electrically operated on 230v AC, 50 Hz.

Product Image (SIT - 1632)

Slide Cabinet Labappara

Price: 5000 INR

SLIDE CABINET LABAPPARA Owing to our years of industry experience and precise knowledge of this domain, we are offering an outstanding assortment of Microscope Slide Cabinets.

Product Image (SIT - 1610)

Chromatography Cabinet Wooden Labappara

Price: 10500 INR

CHROMATOGRAPHY CABINET WOODEN LABAPPARA Because of our highly talented team, we are involved in providing a wide array of Chromatography Cabinet.

Product Image (SIT-1578)

Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet Labappara

Price: 55000 INR

VERTICAL LAMINAR AIR FLOW LABAPPARA Clean Air Equipment provides dust free environment ideal for Tissue Culture, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Pathology Labs, Pharmaceutical & Electronic industry. Technical Specifications: - To provide clean air to working platform horizontally. - Sturdy-Dura board-construction - Elegant Sunmica finish - Silent motor & blowers - Vibration free unit - Stainless steel working platform - HEPA filter efficiency 99.97% down to 0.3 micron - Pre-filter efficiency 99% down to 5 micron - UV germicidal lamp 15W/30W - Fluorescent illumination - Static pressure manometer - Cock for gas - Foldable acrylic transparent door - Plastic grill for protection of HEPA filter - Removable covers to attend motor-blower-filters

Product Image (SIT-1580)

Biological Safety Cabinet Labappara

Price: 72000 INR

Biological Safety Cabinet Labappara Offered here is an exhaustive range of Biological Safety Cabinet in class that are designed for universities, research laboratories, pharmacies and pharmaceuticals companies to protect both users and procedures from contamination when working with biological fields. These are extensively used in protecting the operator from cross contamination of samples and primary containment of the bio hazardous materials being used.

Product Image (SIT - 1620)

Air Curtains Labappara

Price: 16000 INR

AIR CURTAINS LABAPPARA Air Curtains are invisible air door, keeps interior of a clean room dust-free, stops entry of insects, serves as temperature barrier and isolates heating, cooling & humidity. Fabricated out of mild steel sheet. Balanced blowers are mounted on strong inside metal frame. Exterior finished in enamel or hammertone paint. Wall or roof mountings are provided.

Product Image (SIT - 1631)

Material Storage Cabinet (Vertical Flow) Labappara

Price: 110000.00 INR

MATERIAL STORAGE CABINET (VERTICAL FLOW) LABAPPARA Dimensionally accurate range of Material Storage Cabinet Vertical Flow is offered in competitive rates to our esteemed clients. This cabinet is designed for creation of a bacterial dust free air space and is used for work with low-risk substances and materials, when protection of working material from environment is required or work with item requires a sterile working zone. These can withstand temperature and pressure fluctuations.

Product Image (SIT - 1600)

Tissue Culture Rack Labappara

Price: 56000 INR

Tissue Culture Rack Labappara Mild Steel angle frame and shelves, powder coated painting in corrosion resistant paint. Each shelf 50x18, shelf to shelf distance 16, individual ON/OFF switch for each shelf, Input 220-240V AC, 50Hz single phase, working temperature 5°C to 45°C, RH upto 90%. Lockable castor wheel for easy mobility.

Product Image (SIT-1630)

Inoculation Chamber Labappara

Price: 9500 INR

INOCULATION CHAMBER LABAPPARA Made of seasoned teak wood with thick ply board on top and bottom and 3 mm plywood on back thick non rating glass door for convenient view of the specimen provided with one fluorescent tube and one ultra violet tube

Product Image (SIT - 1590)

Fume Hood Labappara

Price: 82000 INR

FUME HOOD LABAPPARA We are leading manufacturer, exporter, trader, distributor and supplier of Fume Hood to our respected clients. We manufactured these using top quality materials that are procured from reliable vendors in the market. Our variety of products can be made to measure suit the requirement of the client. We also offer these products in various specifications led by the client and also make them available at economical price ranges. Optional: High CFM exhaust System (for duct exceeding 10 feet in length) S.S lining on work bench PVC Fume Duct (per ft)

Product Image (SIT - 1720)

Overhead Projector Labappara

Price: 7000 INR

OVERHEAD PROJECTOR LABAPPARA Contrast through uni-focal single element 90mm objective Clear Fresnel-lens, Projection platform 250 X 250mm Built-to-last, sheet metal chassis offers structural and durability un-matched. Projector equipped with Twin halogen lamps with a lamp quick-Changer which can be easily perated from outside. Should a lamp fail during a presentation the spare lamp can be quickly utilized with simple turnoff the Knob. The projector does not have to be opened. Fine focusing with rack & pinion mechanism.Halogen lamp 2X24V/250W. Economy switch DIM / BRIGHT. Cooling throw cross-flow fan-maintains low temperature on the stage.

Product Image (SIT-1579)

Dispensing & Sampling Booth Labappara

Price: 290000.00 INR

DISPENSING & SAMPLING BOOTH LABAPPARA Product description: • These are ideal for weighing and dispensing of critical pharmaceutical and other powders. • These booths provide a down flow of HEPA filtered clean air creating environment where powder is being dispensed as well as protect the worker, who is working inside from inhaling the powder fumes as the air bound powder gets trapped in suction filter at the bottom.

Product Image (SIT-1361)

Reciprocating Shaking Machine Labappara

Price: 21500 INR

RECIPROCATING SHAKING MACHINE LABAPPARA Reciprocating Pump Test Rig (With Three Prefixed Speeds): The present Reciprocating Pump Test Rig is a self-contained unit operated on closed circuit basis containing a sump tank. The set-up consists of a Double acting, Single Cylinder Reciprocating Pump coupled with a AC Motor. Flow of water is measured by using measuring tank and stopwatch. Vacuum gauge is fitted on suction line and Pressure gauge is fitted on delivery line to measure the pressure.

Product Image (SIT-1300)

Heating Menties Labappara

Price: 1300 INR

HEATING MENTIES Heating Mantles : A heating mantle is a laboratory equipment used to apply heat to containers, as an alternative to other forms of heated bath. In contrast to other heating devices, such as hotplates or bunser burners , glassware containers may be placed in direct contact with the heating mantle without substantially increasing the risk of the glassware shattering. It with stands high temperature up to 350°C. The body of the mantle is spun in one piece from non-rusting aluminum (Up to 5.0 liters capacity) duly finished in white stoving enamel/powder coated paint with mat finished color combinations. All heating mantles are lagged with special grade mineral wool. Works on 220/230 Volts A.C, 50 ML - 20 LTRS.

Product Image (SIT - 1340)

Shaking Machine (Wrist Action) Labappara

Price: 13500 INR

SHAKING MACHINE (WRIST ACTION) LABAPPARA Efficiently shaking of flask form 100 to 1000ml. conical or round bottom. speed 80 to 80 oscillation per minute. suitable for dissolving, dispersing, extracting and emulsifying. electrically operated with variable speed control.

Product Image (SIT - 1260)

Muffle Furnace Rectangular (Industrial) Labappara

Price: 27000 INR

MUFFLE FURNACE Working temperature 1200 DegreeC and maximum temperature 1300 DegreeC Fitted with Digital Controller Viewing cap is also provided on the door To works on 230V AC.

Product Image (SIT-1470)

Seed Germinator (Single Chamber) Labappara

Price: 103500.00 INR

Seed Germinator Labappara Highly Polished Stainless Steel Material Type : Stainless Steel Product Type : Single Chamber

Product Image (SIT-1510)

Plant Growth Chamber Labappara

Price: 155000.00 INR

PLANT GROWTH CHAMBER LABAPPARA These chambers are most useful for carrying out various experiments to study growth patterns of plants and animals under controlled environmental conditions. The outer wall is made of M. S Sheet duly painted and inner wall made up of heavy gauge aluminum or S.S Sheet. The gap between inner and outer wall is filled with high-grade glass wool to avoid thermal loss. Besides outer double walled door, a full view inner glass door allows inspection of test samples without disturbing the inner chamber conditions. Unit is also supplied with three adjustable perforated shelves. Temperature range from 5°C to 50°C + 1°C is controlled by dual setting digital temperature indicator cum controller, so auto set two different temperatures for Day and Night.

Product Image (SIT-1311)

Hot Plate (Rectangular) Labappara

Price: 2200 INR

HOT PLATE RECTANGULAR LABAPPARA Hot Plate (Rectangular): In laboratory settings, hot plates are generally used to heat glassware or its contents. Some hot plates also contain a magnetic stirrer, allowing the heated liquid to be stirred automatically. Our hot plate is easy to use and delivers optimum performance.

Product Image (SIT - 1570 )

Laminar Air Flow Cabinet Labappara

Price: 49000 INR

Laminar Air Flow Cabinet Labappara With a firm commitment to quality, we are involved in offering a wide ambit of S.S, M.S & Wooden Above Laminar Air Flow Cabinet.

Product Image (SIT - 1350)

Vortex Shaker/Cyclo Mixer Labappara

Price: 3500 INR

VORTEX SHAKER/CYCLO MIXER LABAPPARA Vibration type, variable speed, vortex genie short rapid eccentric stroke and motor driven. Neoprene cap imparts vigorous agitation to tube or small flasks. Shaking starts when vessel is pressed against cup, with ON/OFF switch and incubator, vacuum rubber fitted at the bottom to prevent movement during operation electronic speed controller. To work on 220\230 volts A.C supply.

Product Image (SIT - 1320)


Price: 2300 INR

SLIDE WARMING TABLE LABAPPARA Thermostatically controlled uniform temp. From room to 800 C top made of anodized aluminum / stainless steel.

Product Image (SIT-1380)

Melting Point Apparatus With Cooling Labappara

Price: 3000 INR

MELTING POINT APPARATUS WITH COOLING: Melting Point Apparatus : A metallic heating block is provided with holes to receive three capillary tubes and a stem type thermometer. The body is finished in stoving enamel paint. The apparatus can measure melting point up to 3500 C. The block is heated by superior heating elements and temp. is controlled by a heating regulator. A shadow less lamp has been provided to illuminate the capillaries and focus-able magnifier facilitates in observations. The whole unit is housed in a aluminum cast casing and provided with a control panel. Provided with indicator lamps, heat energy regulator, on-off switch, cord-plug etc. the equipment is to work on 220 V AC 50 Hz single phase.

Product Image (SIT-1370)

Rotary Shaker (Platform Type) Labappara

Price: 18000 INR

ROTARY SHAKER (PLATFORM TYPE) LABAPPARA This is a compact bench top model with platform fitted with rubber discs for continues shaking of solution in flasks of various sizes, mounted on a heavy angle iron frame speed is controlled by electronic speed controlled

Product Image (SIT-1480)

Seed Germinator (Dual Chamber) Labappara

Price: 18600 INR

Seed Germinator Double Chamber Labappara has specifications same as double chamber and also consists of following points:- • Each chamber size : 555 (W) x 910 (H) x 605 (D) mm. • For cooling (Low temp.) 5°C to 50°C ± 1°C a sealed • compressor unit has been provided to work • independently • below the chamber. Heating & Cooling in separate chambers. Heating & Cooling in both chambers.

Product Image (SIT-1310)

Hot Plate (Round) Labappara

Price: 2200 INR

HOT PLATE Hot Plate ROUND: In laboratory settings, hot plates are generally used to heat glassware or its contents. Some hot plates also contain a magnetic stirrer, allowing the heated liquid to be stirred automatically.

Product Image (SIT-1330)

Rotary Shaker (Vdrl Rotator) Variable Speed Labappara

Price: 7500 INR

ROTARY SHAKER (VDRL ROTARY) Carrier size : 13"x13" fitted with geared motor with concentric motion along with time.

Product Image (SIT-1408)

Humidity Cabinet Labappara

Price: 45000 INR

HUMIDITY CABINET LABAPPARA Temp. 50 C above ambient to 600 C humidity 30-90% Size inside chamber (WXDXH) Capacity 455x455x455cm 95ltrs 455x455x710cm 147ltrs 605x605x605cm 225ltrs 605x605x910cm 335ltrs

Product Image (SIT - 1201)

High Temperature Muffle Furnace Labappara

Price: 79000 INR

HIGH TEMPERATURE MUFFLE FURNACE LABAPPARA The unit is specially designed to meet the requirement of high temp. 1400 degree C, the casing is made of M.S reinforced with iron angles duly painted, Chamber made of Ceramic Zirconium board and elements are palced horizontally in the chamber. heating is done by imported silicon carbide rods duly controlled by accurate step down transformers (air cooled ), it saves energy upto 30% with easily replaceable carbide rods. these furnaces have outstanding temperature reliability and has large surface radiation ratio to enhance thermal efficiency and power consumption. control panel is fitted with digital temp. indicator cum controller upto 1400 degree C control panel is provided separated having ammeter volts meter and digital controller etc. maximum furnace temp. upto 1400 degree C working tempe. upto 1350 degree C operated in 220 volts single phase AC supply.

Product Image (SIT-1270)

Magnetic Stirrer Labappara

Price: 3000 INR

MAGNETIC STIRRER LABAPPARA Magnetic Stirrer With speed regulator, temperature regulator and mains, all stainless steel body having stainless steel top magnetic stirrer with hot plates having different dimension.

Product Image (SIT-1021)

Bacteriological Incubator Labappara

Price: 4500 INR

BACTERIOLOGICAL INCUBATOR LABAPPARA Memert Type Temperature from room temp. to 80°C. Double walled and single Door with glass window. Inner chamber of enodised INCUBATORS (BACTERIOLOGICAL) STAINLESS STEEL. This Bacteriological Incubator stainless steel manufactured by us is used for the purpose of growing and maintaining several microbiological organisms and bacteria. Manufactured under the supervision of several trained professionals, using high quality raw materials and advanced technology, this product has a strong and durable body. This incubator finds application in several research centers and biology schools. Owing to its quality and reasonable pricing, this product is one of the primary preferences of the customers. Construction: Incubators are sturdy, with double walled construction with complete inner chamber made of Stainless Steel. Outer chamber is made of Mild Steel Sheet, finished with powder coated paint. 75 mm gap between the walls is filled with special grade glass wool for proper insulation and to avoid heat losses.Inner chamber fabricated with ribs for adjusting shelves to convenient height. Supplied with 2 or 3 removable shelves.Shelves are made Stainless Steel Sheet as per chamber. Door is insulated & fitted with heavy hinges. Door has Double glass window which facilitate inspection of samples without opening the door.Heating elements is made of high grade imported wire are put inside the porcelain beads and placed at the bottom and side ribs for uniform temperature all over the space.

Product Image (SIT-1170)

Universal Water Bath (Dual Purpose) Labappara

Price: 3000 INR

UNIVERSAL WATER BATH (DUAL PURPOSE) LABAPPARA These are easy to install and need very less maintenance. They are produced using superior quality materials. We offer these in various dimensions according to the requirements of the customers. They are known for features like durability and reliability. These are also checked stringently by quality analysts to ensure that defect free range is supplied to our customer at affordable prices.

Product Image (SIT - 1250)

Rectangular Muffle Furnace Labappara

Price: 22500

RECTANGULAR MUFFLE FURNACE LABAPPARA Outer shell made out of thick mild steel duly finished in attractive stoaving enamel/powder coated paint. Fitted with grooved refractory for supporting the heating elements made out of wire and are easily replaceable. Maximum temp. 1000oC and working temp. 900o C controlled by SUNVIC energy regulator. Complete with indicators, pyrometer, thermocouple, thermal fuse etc. workable on 220 V AC 50 Hz single phase.

Product Image (SIT - 1030)

Tray Dryer Labappara

Price: 41000 INR

TRAY DRYER LABAPPARA Double walled and double door. Temperature controlled by thermostat with dial type thermometer. Forced air blower. Chamber Size (HxWxD) Tray Tray Capacity Inches. 430x840x650 8 Tray 16"x34"x11/4 910x840x910 24 Tray 16"x34"x11/4 960x1270x1450 48 Tray 16"x34"x11/4 960x1700x1700 96 Tray 16"x34"x11/4

Product Image (SIT - 1120)

Water Bath Rectangular Single Wall Labappara

Price: 5500 INR

WATER BATH RECTANGULAR SINGLE WALL LABAPPARA Water Bath Rectangular (Electric single 12 hole) Labappara Made of Stainless steel sheet. Top of the bath and concentric rings are also of Stainless Steel. Heating elements have an automatic cut off device when the bath gets dry. Electrically operated on 220/230 volts A.C. with arrangement of 12 holes. Standard double wall construction, inner being of stainless steel outer of m.s. duly staving paint finish and gap filled for temp. insulation with glass wool. Top cover with 75 mm (3") holes with concentric rings. Temp. range 5o C above ambient to 95o C type element with accuracy of + 1o C. Supplied complete with plug cord. Panel provided with pilot lamps, thermostat control knob etc.

Product Image (SIT-1140)

Paraffin Water Bath Labappara

Price: 5550 INR

PARAFFIN WATER BATH LABAPPARA Water bath paraffin has a double wall stainless steel construction with cups and shelves to hold glass tubes. The temperature range goes up to 95 degrees C with an accuracy of 1 degree C. It works at 220V AC. It is corrosion resistant and energy efficient.

Product Image (SIT-1110)

Serological Water Bath Labappara

Price: 4400 INR

SEROLOGICAL WATER BATH LABAPPARA Temp.upto 800C accuracy + 10C to work on 220-240 volt AC 50Hz Size Inside Chamber(Stainless steel) Capacity 300x 175x 175mm 12ltrs 300x250x175mm 14ltrs 375x300x175mm 18ltrs 455x300x175mm 25ltrs 600x300x175mm 32ltrs

Product Image (SIT-1120)

Water Bath Rectangular Labappara

Price: 6800 INR

WATER BATH RECTANGULAR LABAPPARA Thermostatically controlled. Double walled. Glass window on tow opposite sides thermometer with relay, complete with stirrer. High precision water bath. Temperature range from ambient temperature to 100 C. Temperature controlled by Mercury contact thermometer with a sensitivity of + 0.1 0 C. Suitable for all laboratory applications requiring constant temperature with high degree accuracy. Double walled inside Stainless steel and outside mild steel sheet. A glass window is fixed on the front. Complete with stirrer, with speed regulator.

Product Image (SIT-1140)

Precission Water Bath Labappara

Price: 19200 INR

PRECISSION WATER BATH LABAPPARA Chamber Size 425x250x225 (17"x 10"x 9") 450x375x375 (18"x 15"x 15") 600x450x450 (24"x 18"x 18")

Product Image (SIT - 1080)

Bod Incubator Labappara

Price: 45000 INR

Incubators (B.O.D.) Stainlass Steel Labappara Temp range 50 C to 500 C with accuracy + 1 C. Double walled, inside anodized aluminum Stainless Steel and outside M.S. Power Coated to work on 220/230 volt A.C. 50 h The low temperature incubator is made of double walled sheet finished with epoxy based powder coating. Inner chamber is made of highly polished stainless steel / anodized aluminum. Two doors are provided of INCUBATORS (B.O.D.) STAINLESS STEEL. Inner door is made of transparent acrylic for inspecting specimens. Outer door is insulated and is fitted with magnetic tape with lock and key. Provided with two air circulating fans, high performance compressor , cooling coils, heating elements, digital Temperature control and display is also fitted with a door operated illumination and a castor wheel for easy mobility. Inner Chamber Size In mm (W X D X H) Capacity InCu.Ft Capacity 455 x 410 x 610 4 112 ltrs 505 x 415 x 830 6.1 171 ltrs 565 x 565 x 865 10 280 ltrs 650 x 580 x 900 12 336 ltrs 700 x 650 x 900 15 420 ltrs Optional: Time 0-2 Hours Digital Temp, Indicator-cum-controller with timer. Microprocessor PID digital temp, Indicator-cum-controller with timer. Automatic voltage Stabilizer 3-5KVA ( recomemded must). Co2 air mixer nozzle is Provided

Product Image (SIT-1150)

Tissue Flotation Water Bath Labappara

Price: 5000 INR

TISSUE FLOTATION WATER BATH LABAPPARA hermostatically Controlled. Double walled inner chamber of black oxidized aluminium sheet. Capacity 200-250mm.

Product Image (SIT-1125)

Water Bath Incubator Shaker Labappara

Price: 28500 INR

WATER BATH INCUBATOR SHAKER LABAPPARA They are available in 12 and 18 Litres capacities. Temperature ranges from ambient to 90 DegreeC. Available with both Digital and Thermostatic Temperature Controller Double Walled Operates on 220 - 240 V AC, 50-60Hz power supply. Inner chamber is made of Stainless Steel.

Product Image (SIT - 1020)

Drying Oven Industrial Labappara

Price: 6600 INR

DRYING OVEN INDUSTRIAL LABAPPARA Double walled and double door. temperature controlled by thermostat with dial type thermometer. Forced air blower. Chamber MS.

Product Image (SIT - 1280)

Laboratory Stirrer Labappara

Price: 1300 INR

Laboratory Stirrer Automatic 0-60 minutes timer.

Product Image (SIT-1010)

Hot Air Universal Oven

Price: 6500 INR

Labappara Hot Air Universal Oven Temperature upto 250oC Accuracy ± 1oC double walled, inner chamber of anodized aluminum/ stainless steel, elements on three sides. (Thermostatic / Digital Control options)

Product Image (16)

Digital Abbe Refractometer

Price: 55000 INR
  • Supply Ability:3000-5000 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Material:pp plastic
  • Application:Hopital,Optical etc
  • Dimension(L*W*H):Customize Centimeter (cm)
  • Voltage:220 Volt (v)
Product Image (22)

Automatic Refractometer

Price: 55000 INR
  • Color:White & blue
  • Voltage:220 Volt (v)
  • Dimension(L*W*H):Customize Centimeter (cm)
  • Material:pp plastic
  • Delivery Time:2 Days
  • Supply Ability:3000-5000 Per Day
Product Image (25)

Laboratory Bomb Calorimeter Apparatus

Price: 40000 INR
  • Color:Brown
  • Dimension(L*W*H):Customize Centimeter (cm)
  • Voltage:220 Volt (v)
  • Application:Hopital,Optical etc
  • Material:Brass,Metal
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Supply Ability:5000 Per Day

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