Physics Lab Equipment

Physics Lab Instruments are manufactured and exported by us. These are used for processing various research applications in laboratories and other centers. The instruments include Cubic Unit, Wooden Counting Abacus with 55 Beads, Decimal Abacus, Ampule Filling and Sealing Machine in addition to few others. These are light in weight owing to which can be easily carried from one place to another. The Physics Lab Instruments are available with us in all sizes and their size can also be personified by clients as per the requirements. We have the supply ability to deliver up to maximum 5000 pieces in a day.

Product Image (Sit :HTL07)

Heat Transfer From A Pin Fin

Price: 32000 INR


Product Image (S.I.T C126)

Measuring Cylinders

Price: 500 INR

Measuring cylinders, moulded in polypropylene & TPX, are single piece cylinders. These autoclavable cylinders have raised prominent graduations for easy reading and have excellent contact clarity. The broad base provides good stability. Capacity:10ml, 25 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 2000ml,

Product Image (S.I.T C121)


Price: 38 INR

Our offered range of Laboratory Funnel has been designed with precision and is used in a number of labs for providing exceptional results in chemical experiments. These funnels are made of best quality glassware and are also available with us in a wide variety of designs and models. These models and designs are all as per the predefined industrial norms. As its features these funnels can bear abrasive conditions of chemicals, heat and high temperatures.

Product Image (S.I.T C122)

Iodine Flask

Price: 190 INR

We feel proud to introduce ourselves as the leading organization in this domain, engaged in presenting an excellent grade of Flasks – Iodine. The provided flasks are manufactured using premium quality material and latest techniques. Additionally, our provided flasks are processed adhering to industry standards and quality norms. The offered flasks are examined on set quality parameter in order to deliver better range to the clients. In addition, flasks offered by us have gained highly appreciation among our clients. Besides, clients can avail the flasks from us at cost effective rates.

Product Image (S.I.T 600)

Electro Magnetic Kit

Price: 6000 INR

A very effective and motivating learning aid in elementary electromagnetism. Consists of 8 anisotropic alloy magnets, 8 ceramic ferrite magnets, steel magnet yokes, 6 plotting compasses, 4 hardboard formers to take compasses, 1 bottle iron filings 250 gm, 4 dispensers for iron filings ,4 double C-cores, 4 clips for C-cores,4 aluminium rings,4 aluminium split rings,4 armatures with axle tubes,4 aluminium axle rods, 8 split pins, 16 rivets, 4 formers for coils, 4 reels cellotape,4 reels copper wire, 4 sheets white pasteboard,4 plain postcards,4 reels white cotton thread, 1 length latex rubber tubing, 4 each resistors 100 ohms and 10 ohms,4 support bases,10 m.e.s. bulbs, 8 mes bulb holders,1 wood clamp, 1 wooden block, with instructions

Product Image (S.I.T 676)

Capillary Tube

Price: 48 INR

we offer high quality soda glass, supplied in length of 0. 5 meter approx. Pack of 10

Product Image (S.I.T 259)

Wimshurt Machine

Price: 1400 INR

We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of high quality Wimshurst Machine. This machine is electrostatic generator that is used for generating high voltages. This machine is consists of two metal sheet plates that rotate in opposite directions by two wheels, which is operated by a handle provided on one wheel. The wheel is offers normal speed of 120 rotations per minute with 85% relative moisture. we offer these Wimshurst Machine in different sizes and specifications at market leading rates and on time deliveries.

Product Image (S.I.T 259)

Vernier Calliper

Price: 240 INR

Comprising a knurled wheel, runs on a transversely mounted threaded spindle. How to use vernier caliper • The vernier caliper is an extremely precise measuring instrument; the reading error is 1/20 mm = 0.05 mm. • Close the jaws lightly on the object to be measured. • If you are measuring something with a round cross section, make sure that the axis of the object is perpendicular to the caliper. This is necessary to ensure that you are measuring the full diameter and not merely a chord. • Ignore the top scale, which is calibrated in inches. • Use the bottom scale, which is in metric units. • Notice that there is a fixed scale and a sliding scale. • The boldface numbers on the fixed scale are centimeters. • The tick marks on the fixed scale between the boldface numbers are millimeters. • There are ten tick marks on the sliding scale. The left-most tick mark on the sliding scale will let you read from the fixed scale the number of whole millimeters that the jaws are opened.

Product Image (S.I.T 257)

Tunning Fork

Price: 400 INR

Counted among the category of world-class organizations, we are aiming for new opportunities in offering Tuning Forks Set.

Product Image (S.I.T 125)

Wind Wane

Price: 600 INR

It meets three important requirements for accurate indication of wind direction. It is designed to produce the maximum of torque relative to its moment of generator for a given change in wind direction. It rotates with minimum friction, and is balanced to avoid bias towards any particular direction. Most suitable for mounting on buildings very useful Meteorological departments. As per I.S.I. specification with cardinal points on cast iron stand.

Product Image (S.I.T 262)

Viscosity Apparatus

Price: 2000 INR

This apparatus is manufactured and supplied by us are designed and developed by our skilled technicians with utmost precision and detailing. These equipments are highly applauded for its many positive attributes such as longevity, reliability, accuracy, perfect finish and more. Furthermore, supreme quality raw material sourced from well known dealers are used in the production of these range. Widely used for experiments and calculations, we are supplying Viscosity Apparatus at affordable market rates. With the help of this apparatus one can find the coefficient of viscosity of water by nothing its flow through a capillary tube of uniform bore. A capillary tube of fine bore is fitted on a wooden board. Then two ends are joined by rubber tubing and it joints to two upright glass l- shaped tubes forming the manometer with scale. With the help of a pinch cock, a steady flow of water is maintained. Complete with a three limbed constant level tank of brass on stand with rubber tube glass parts are made of borosil glass.

Product Image (S.I.T 266)

Voltic Cell

dvanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Simple Voltaic Cell One copper and one zinc plate, size 90 x 25 x 1.5 mm, each with a terminal, with battery jar of size 150 x 100 mm

Product Image (S.I.T 270)

Weight Box

Price: 550 INR

a) Nicely Spray painted, valvelt lined box with brass forcep ‘Quality Mark Seal’ C.P. Weight. ‘B’ grade. Capacity 1) 1 mg to 50 grm 2) 100 gms 3) 200 gms. b) Cabinet polished box but without Quality Mark. Capacity 1) 1 mg to 50 grm. 2) 100 grm. 3) 200 gms. c) Wooden box made of superior quality teak wood. Capacity 1) 1 mg to 50 gms 2) 100 gms. 3) 200 gms d) Most superior ‘Quality Mark’ ‘A’ grade by Haryana Government With teak wood box. Capacity 1) 1 mg to 50 gms 2) 100 gms. 3) 200 gms. e) Weights are made from Stainless steel non magnetic corrosion resisting quality, Arranged in valvet lined case of seasoned wood nicely polished with Forceps. Accuracy as per N.P.L Class B Capacity 1) 1 mg to 50 gms 2) 100 gms. 3) 200 gms. f) Stainless Steel as above but quality marked ‘B’ grade by Haryana Government. Capacity 1) 1 mg to 50 gms 2) 100 gms. 3) 200 gms. g) Stainless Steel but Quality Marked ‘A’ grade 1) 1 mg to 50 grm 2) 100 gms. 3) 200 grm.

Product Image (S.I.T 266)

Voltic Cell

Price: 180 INR

dvanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Simple Voltaic Cell One copper and one zinc plate, size 90 x 25 x 1.5 mm, each with a terminal, with battery jar of size 150 x 100 mm

Product Image (S.I.T 276)

Zinc Rod

Price: 56 INR

Made from 99.5% Pure Zinc, with Brass Screw, Nut & Terminal. Sizes are 9mm x 130mm, 9mm x 140mm, 9mm x 150mm, 10mm x 150mm, 12mm x 150mm, 12mm x 160mm packed in Polythene bag. One Dozen Pack. Special Sizes / Products on demand can be supplied.

Product Image (S.I.T 462)

Dynamic Trolley

Price: 700 INR

A pair of these trolley are used for investigating on momentum velocity, acceleration etc.Comprises a pair of two trolley, length-12 inch, width-3 inch, height-1.5 inch, each carried upon three wheels with ball-bearing to minimize friction and a spring loaded exploder plunger with two levels. Each trolley enable the study of inelastic

Product Image (S.I.T 261)

Vibration Magnetometer

Price: 950 INR

Consisting of a polished box fitted with leveling screws and having back and front sliding doors. The stirrup holding the magnet is suspended by a fiber. A strip of mirror glass is fixed on the base of the box. A) Aluminum B) Brass

Product Image (S.I.T 15)

Vande Graf Generator

Price: 5400 INR

Offering Van De Graff Generator : - Van De Graff Generator motor driven : Specially designed for electrostatic experiments and where continuous source of high voltage is required. Fitted on base with smooth running A.C. Motor, operates on 220 volts A.C. 50 Hz. * Specifications : Charge collecting : Silicon rubber having excellent Belt : Insulation resistance. Tracking : Belt-tracking easily adjusted. Charge collecting combs: Aluminum mesh, clearly visible. Spheres : Aluminum 150 mm. dia Connections : 4 mm sockets in dome and base. Voltage developed; Upto 200 KV, depending on ambient conditions, with a spark length of 60mm. Discharger : Spherical 100mm dia., with insulated handle and 4mm sockets.

Product Image (S.I.T 269)

Wave Motion Machine

Price: 1300 INR

We are offering a wide assortment of Wave Motion Apparatus which is ideally used for demonstrating longitudinal & transverse motion. It consists of 18 eccentric discs supporting a series of metal rods. On revolving the handle, transverse waves are obtained with bent. They are straight rods and complete on wooden base.

Product Image (S.I.T 268)

Water Voltameter

Price: 350 INR

Cup shaped with brass fittings and two graduated test tubes. The glass vessel is mounted on a sturdy wooden base fitted with brass terminals and Eureka wire electrodes. Supplied with brass metal test tube holder and graduated tubes.

Product Image (S.I.T 265)


Price: 190 INR

With significant business growth, we are engaged as manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Voltmeter in Ambala Cantt, Haryana, India available with following details. DC moving coil panel meter Different models are available like M0 65, MR 80 AND MR 100.

Product Image (S.I.T 275)

Zinc Plate

Price: 56 INR

made from pure zinc sheet, with brass screw, nut & terminal. Size are 150mm x 50mm in differnt 15, 22 & 24 swg(gauge) packed in polythene bag. One dozen pack. special sizes / products on demand can be supplied.

Product Image (S.I.T 256)

Triple Beam Balance

Price: 1600 INR

The Triple beam balance is an instrument used to measure mass very precisely

Product Image (S.I.T 236)

Spiral Spring

Price: 70 INR

For demonstration of wave motion, fully extended 3 to 5 meter

Product Image (S.I.T 254)

Torsion Pendulum

Price: 1600 INR

A disk suspended from a torsion wire attached to its centre. This setup is known as a torsion pendulum. The appratus is made of chrome plated brass. Supplied with torsion wire.

Product Image (S.I.T 104)

Spectrum Tube

Price: 800 INR

Use to excite spectrum tubes. As you conveniently mount the spectrum tubes into the spring-loaded holders and energize them, a specially designed shield holds the tube firmly while preventing you from touching the electrodes. A black metal panel beind the tube eliminates distracting ambient light and protects the tube from breakage. Cornes wiht instructions. This power supply operates on 1115 vac, 50/60 hz with its own three-wire grounded cord. Unit is 37. 5 cm high and holds 26 cm tubes

Product Image (S.I.T 245)

Stewart & Gee’s Apparatus

Price: 3400 INR

It consists of a circular frame made from non- magnetic silver aluminum alloy. An insulating copper wire is wound on the frame. The ends of the wires are connected to the terminals which are fitted on the superior quality wooden board. A rectangular frame is supported on wooden board. The anodized aluminum rods are graduated up to 50 cm on both sides. Superior quality permanent magnet compass box moves on a platform. This platform moves on the rectangular frame along the axis of the coil. Supplied with a superior quality compass box.

Product Image (S.I.T 240)

Standard Cell

Price: 1300 INR

Design for use Standard , Stable, Voltage Reference Source in applications such as standardization of Potentiometers, Instruments, calibrations, temperature & Voltage measurements & pH testing etc. Housed in a small steel cabinet giving e.m.f of 1.018 volts .

Product Image (S.I.T 255)

Travelling Microscope

Price: 7600 INR

These are easy-to-install and demand low operational costs.Thus gain acknowledgement of our clients from every nook & corner of the world. Also, we provide these products in multiple sizes, grades and other required specifications at an easily affordable price.Features:-Non-interrupted performanceLonger service lifeExcellent performance.Microscope TubeInclinable in any angle. true vertical and horizontal positions marked focusing.Scales and VerniersMade of lifetime Stainless Steel.Optics:-True achromatic objective with 7.5 cm, focusing distance from object.10X Ramsden Eyepiece with fine cross wire.Scale and VernierHorizontal scale:-18 cm divided at 1 mm intervalVertical scale: 16 cm divided at 1 mm interval Screw gauge dial:-100 divisions with a least count of 0.01 mm.

Product Image (S.I.T 253)

Ticker Tape Timer Apparatus

Price: 1200 INR

Our basic ticker tape timer is AC synchronous, producing dots at precise intervals every 1/60thsecond making precision measurements possible in all kinematics experiments. The body is finished. And requires a 6 V AC or 110 V AC source. Supplied with one roll of 13 MM x 154 MM and package of carbon disc.

Product Image (S.I.T 249)

Tapping Key

Price: 100 INR

Tapping Key Tapping key is fitted on plastic base . On each end two terminals are attached and are connected with the help of strip when it is tap.

Product Image (S.I.T 242)

Steam Boiler Copper

Price: 600 INR

Owing to our years of industry experience and precise knowledge of this domain, we are offering an outstanding assortment of Steam Boiler Copper.

Product Image (S.I.T 248)

Tangent Galvanometer

Price: 1100 INR

A tangent galvanometer is an early measuring instrument used for the measurement of electric current. It works by using a compass needle to compare a magnetic field generated by the unknown current to the magnetic field of the Earth. The magnetic needle is free to rotate in the horizontal plane. Feature –

Product Image (S.I.T 239)

Spot Reflecting Galvanometer

Price: 5000 INR

he galvanometer ha built in lamp and scale arrangement and housed on Bakelite case. The highly sensitive moving coil system is suspended in a taut band manner in a uniform field of permanent magnet. Mains Feed: It is a mains operated instrument at 220 volts ac @ 50 Hz Scale: The scale is 150 mm long and is marked for both center and end zero use Light Source: The light source is a 6 volt 0.3 amperes bulb giving a bright spot on the scale. Zero Adjustment: The spot of light can be set at any point on the scale with the help of zero adjusting knob. Sensitivity control: The sensitivity is controlled by a 2 – pole, 6 way switch. The switch positions are D (direct), 1/10, 1/100, 1/1000 and s/c

Product Image (S.I.T 237)

Spirit Level

Price: 60 INR

A spirit level, bubble level or simply a level is an instrument designed to indicate whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb). Available in size – 2”, 3”, 4”,6” AVAILABILITY: • With plastic. • With all brass. • With aluminum. • • 6" or 4” Plastic (Any One) • Brass • Brass

Product Image (SIT-0200)

Bending of Beam Apparatus Labappara

Price: 4500 INR

BENDING OF BEAM APPARATUS LABAPPARA Bending of beam apparatus: consisting of two g. Clamp with knife-edge top. Comprising a metal bar of 100 cm length having width 25 mm and thickness 4. 5 mm. Sharp knife edge with hanger is also provided which moves on metal bar. A spherometer fitted on a cast iron stand (specially designed for this apparatus) with electric contacts is also provided, but without weight.

Product Image (S.I.T 222)

Slit for Resolving Power

Price: 1200 INR

The variable slit is used in telescope for measuring resolving power I.E. A measure of its resolving limit according to rayleigh’s criterion. These slits are designed with stainless steel jaws and allow swift movement to ensure both precision and accuracy in observations.

Product Image (S.I.T 224)

Slinky Spring

Price: 200 INR

All kinds Of Spring Balances Alluminium Tubuler - Acrylic,Tubular-Rectangular Plastic Mount,Pocket Balance

Product Image (S.I.T 103)

Kinetic Theory Model

Price: 1800 INR

We are persistently striving to sustain our high credibility in the market by providing a commendable array of Kinetic Theory Model.

Product Image (S.I.T 220)

Simple Pendulum Apparatus

Our Simple Pendulum consists of a brass bob of 1” diameter suspended by flexible and weightless stitching thread. The 2nd end of thread is tied to the rigid support. Supplied with heavy metallic base along with rod & special clamp.

Product Image (S.I.T 225)

Slotted Weight

Price: 66 INR

Slotted Weights Being a well-established organization, we are engaged in manufacturing a distinguished range of Slotted Weights.

Product Image (S.I.T 226)

Sodium Vapour Lamp Setup

Price: 1800 INR

Avail from us Sodium Vapour Lamp that is considered to be a gas-discharge lamp that uses sodium to produce light. These have high spectrum of light and ensure quality functioning even at a longer time period. Our clients may avail these from us at This low pressure Sodium Vapour lamp works better than 99% of the visible output, concentrated in 5889 0 & 5895º A Spectra lines. Size a. 35W Sodium Vapour Lamp b. 55W Sodium Vapour Lamp

Product Image (S.I.T 209)

Rubber Hammer

Price: 40 INR

A rubber ring mounted on a metal disc with wooden rod.easy to handle .easy to move.

Product Image (S.I.T 218)


Price: 11200 INR

Sextants have been used for hundreds of years to determine the angle of the Object . A sextant consists of a small hollow pipe, mounted on a chassis with a few reflective mirrors and a degree arc. The sextant is used to determine the angle of any object in comparison to the horizon. The angle of the arm and mirror is adjusted to align the objected With the horizon, and then the arc of the sextant is recorded to determine the angle of the Object.

Product Image (S.I.T 216)

Searle’s Thermal Conductivity

Price: 4600 INR

Searle’s thermal conductivity apparatus: it consist of a copper rod 30 x 2. 5 cms dia with its one end surrounded with a steam jacket for heating it from a boiler and the other end is kept cool by a steam of water flowing throughout a spiral tube fitted on that end fitted in a well polished teak wood case w/o thermometer and boiler

Product Image (S.I.T 215)

Searle’s Surface Tension Balance

Price: 1700 INR

A horizontal frame is mounted on a rod fitted to a base & carries a steel wire stretched across it, the tension of which can be adjusted by a tightening screw. A light weight metal pointer with a counterpoise is attached to the centre of the wire by a clamp. A pan is hung from a notch in the pointer and has a hook at its underside from which can be suspended a light weight rectangular frame or a metal clip to hold a microslide edge. The tip of the pointer moves over a graduated scale. With rectangular wire frame, slide clip, six microslides & 3 metres of spare wire.

Product Image (S.I.T 207)

Rising Table

Price: 1600 INR

Having a cast aluminum 4" dia table with adjustable stand. Maximum height capacity 12" All metal having brass table of 10cm. dia with three leveling screws. Coarse and fine height adjustment are provided, very superior and an ideal apparatus.

Product Image (S.I.T 197)

Resistance Coil

Price: 50 INR

Non-inductively wound with double silk covered constantan coils on plastic rod enclosed in transparent plastic tube with two terminal and values figured. Accuracy + 1%. Individually packed. 0.1 to 0.9 1 to 10 11 to 50 51 to 100 101 to 500

Product Image (S.I.T 175)

Platinum Resistance Thermometer

Price: 5900 INR

We are engaged in offering excellent quality Platinum Resistance Thermometer toour valuable clients. The thermometer comprises a length of fine platinum wire ofabout 2 ohms resistance, would non¬inductively on a mica frame and soldered tostout copper leads. A pair of compensating leads are provided, all four leads.

Product Image (S.I.T 176)

Plug Key

Thick brass of 10.5mm fitted on heavy bakelite base provided with all brass terminals and screws. Size A)1way B)2way C) 3way

Product Image (S.I.T 185)


Price: 1250 INR

Potentiometer (O.R.P)/Temp. Meter Microprocessor Based Lab Model Combine all features, fields as well as Laboratory purpose for the measurement of Potentiometer (O.R.P), Temp. with automatic temperature compensation. Display: LED 4 Digit Temp.: 0 to 100° C Specification: For REdox-Potential Measurement Temp. Range: 0 to +_ 1999 mV, Resolution: 1 mV Repeatability: +_ 1 mV Accuracy: +_ 1 mV +_ 1 Digit Input Impedence> 10000000000000 Ohms., Power Supply: 230 V +_ 10%, 50 Hz AC Power Supply: 12 V/500 mA External Adapter Accessories: ORP (Platinum Combined) Electrode, Temp. Probe., Electrode Stand, Dust Cover & Manual.

Product Image (S.I.T 181)


Price: 1200 INR

This apparatus consists of two identical units, each provided with Polaroid disc mounted in a rotatable mount, with aperture of 25mm. Both rotatable mounts have a lever to add rotation and a pointer which traverses a 75mm diameter brass silvered scale divided

Product Image (S.I.T 192)

Rain Gauge Apparatus

Price: 400 INR

Constructed from copper.It has funnel, an inner receiving vessel and an outer body all of copper, and a glass measuring cylinder.

Product Image (S.I.T 174)

Pith Ball Pendulum

Price: 100 INR

We have mounted an insulated stand on a solid round base. Over the hook at the stands end you dangle a silk thread with a light pith ball attached to each end. Pith balls react sensitively to static charges like those from a charged friction rod. Comes with 3 strings and six 8mm. pith balls.

Product Image (S.I.T 193)

Reading Telescope

Price: 2200 INR

The superior quality achromatic objective has an aperture of and has focal length of The carriage of the telescope (with up and down motion, improved design, college pattern) tube is fitted with vertical movement by a fine micrometer achromatic objective has an aperture of 25mm and has focal length of 17.5cm. The carriage of the telescope (with up and down motion, improved design, college pattern) tube is fitted with vertical movement by a fine micrometer screw. Focusing arrangement is given by rack and pinion.Complete on a heavy metallic stand having pillar of 18�? length with scale and scale holder.

Product Image (S.I.T 835)

Ray Box

Price: 700 INR

Laboware is presenting the product best in quality has good name for innovation and expirement in physics line. Innovative production Physics Laboratory Ray Box is a die cast ventilated lamp housing. It has an open front with extended sides, finned externally to promote heat, dissipation and vertical internal grooves to accommodate a slit plate and a cylindrical lens supplied with complete

Product Image (S.I.T 178)

Poisson’s Ratio Of Rubber Apparatus

Price: 1800 INR

Consisting of a cycle rubber tube of about one meter length with a small pointer on a heavy cast iron stand.

Product Image (S.I.T 201)


Price: 600 INR

Rheostat used in applications that require the adjustment of current or the varying of resistance in an electric circuit. The rheostat can adjust generator characteristics, dim lights, and start or control the speed of motors.

Product Image (S.I.T 205)

Ring & Ball Apparatus Of Stand

Price: 250 INR

This apparatus (IP58 And IS 1205/58) is meant for determination of softening point of Bituminious materials according . Softening point is that temperature at which the speciman under test becomes soft enough to allow a steel ball of specific dimension to fall a required distance under test condition

Product Image (S.I.T 182)

Pohl’s Commutator

Price: 400 INR

Used in experiments on hysteresis.The thick brass sheet contact arms and the joining strips are fitted on bakelite base. Operation of the contact arm is done with a bakelite handle.The terminals are provided on the sides of the square base.Max current 5 amp.

Product Image (S.I.T 090)

Direct Vision Spectroscope

Price: 1400 INR

We have marked a distinct and dynamic position in the market by providing a high-quality array of Direct Vision Spectroscope OM-6110.

Product Image (S.I.T 179)


Price: 6000 INR

3 AUTOMATIC POLARIMETER WITH TOUCH SCREEN WITH SOFTWARE • Sample Test Tube 100mm / 200mm • Measuring Mode : Optical Rotation, Specific Rotation, sugar, Concentration. • Automatic repetition – measurement for 6 times, calculation of average value. • Three stages of quality checking before Dispatch.

Product Image (SIT - 2710)

Telethermometer Labappara

Price: 8500 INR

Product Specification:- Tele Thermometer Labappara:- Electro-Medical Apparatus also known as Tele thermometer. Channels are selectable via switch on the panel. Show one temperature at a time with six probs.

Product Image (SIT - 2870)

Butyro Refractometer Labappara

Price: 11000 INR

Product Specification:- Butyro Refractometer Labappara This instrument can be used for measurement of fats in ghee, oils, waxes, and other such products giving a reading directly in terms of the oil scale also known as butyro scale. The micrometer eye-piece allows an accuracy on this scale of 0.1 and the oil scale may also be converted into a refractive index scale using conversion tables.This allows measurements on materials with index of refraction in the range of 1.42 to 1.49 with an accuracy of 0.0002 as tables are supplied for converting oil scale reading into index of refraction, relative to mean sodium lines. The prism box is water jacketed for temperature control and a samples achromatizing device enables the removal of all colors from the border line thus enabling the instrument to be used with white light.The instrument is provided with a test liquid for checking and resetting the scale if necessary and is encased in a portable wooden box. Refraction range from 1.42 to 1.49 with accuracy of 0.0002 fitted with sugar and oil scale, sugar scale 50 –80% and oil scale 0 –100%.

Product Image (S.I.T 158)

Nicholson Hydrometer

Price: 250 INR

For density experiments on solids liquids, hollow metal body, upper loading pan weighted lower loading pan, made of brass.

Product Image (S.I.T 173)

Pin Hole Camera

Price: 160 INR

It has the Worlds Smallest Color Pinhole Camera built into this. It lets you record exactly what you are looking at. No external power needed, just connect it directly with MP4 player to hidden recording so you will not miss any of the action. It is also great as a surveillance camera for the stake out.

Product Image (S.I.T 169)

Pascal Law

Price: 90 INR

With our qualified experts, our company is occupied in offering a wide range of Science Charts. These products are made using the latest technology in sync with the course defined by Educational Boards. Our offerings of Physics, Chemistry, Botony & Zoology charts are designed specifically to ensure greater understanding for the student.

Product Image (S.I.T 166)

Parallelogram Apparatus

Price: 1200 INR

We are offering Parallelogram of Forces Apparatus. For verifying the relation between forces acting at a point. Black board nicely polished, 650x500mm with 2 aluminum pulleys with clamp for mounting at any position. Complete with 3 hangers iron N.P. 50Gm and 12 slotted weights of 50gm iron N.P. And a spool of thread.

Product Image (SIT - 2860)

Abbe Refractometer Labappara

Price: 11500 INR

Abbe Refractrometer Abbe Refractrometer Labappara Characteristic: * Measurement of refractive index nD of transparent or translucent liquid and solid substances. * Measurement of the Brix of sugar solution. * Visual aim and LCD display * Automatic correction of the effect of temperature on the Brix. * Prism made of hard glass, uneasy to be worn. * Printer interface for direct data print-out.

Product Image (S.I.T 138)

Maxwell Vibration Needle, Stand

Leveraging on our industrious workforce, we deal in offering Needle Vibrators. Giving efficient noiseless and everlasting performance, these needle vibrators have reached the zenith of its popularity. These vibrators operate with the help of the electricity and are equipped with motor. The motor helps the vibrator to perform the vibrations. Before being made available in the market, these are fully tested for its quality.

Product Image (S.I.T 135)

Mariner Compass

Price: 320 INR

Mariner Compass : This compass is supplied with aluminum bowl in gimbals and floating dial on aluminum. We are also supplying it in in wooden box wherein its slide is 25 cm with sliding lid and diameter 10 cm of dial.

Product Image (S.I.T 136)

Max. & Min. Thermometer

Price: 190 INR

With our years of experience & in-depth knowledge in this field, we are engaged in offering a quality-assured array of Maximum Minimum Thermometer.

Product Image (S.I.T 126)

Lens Holder

Price: 44 INR

With vast experience and knowledge we are involved in offering an extensive range of Wooden Lens Holder. These are used to hold lens and keep them safe. These are highly reckoned among our clients due their fine finishing and durability. Moreover, we also assure to deliver a defect free range of our products in a fixed time frame.

Product Image (SIT - 2450)

Student Organ Bath Labappara

Price: 3500 INR

Product Specification:- Student Organ Bath:- STUDENT ORGAN BATH Single unit Double unit Single unit with digital temp. stirrer. Double unit with digital temp stirrer

Product Image (SIT - 2460)

Stethograph Labappara

Price: 1500 INR

Product Specification:- Stethoscope Labappara With our expertise and trustworthiness, we are engaged in offering an optimum quality range of Stethograph.

Product Image (S.I.T 132)

Magnetic Needle

Price: 30 INR

Carbon steel with brass cup bearing for pivoting.

Product Image (S.I.T 133)

Magnetic Field Apparatus

Price: 500 INR

Magnetic Field Apparatus Apparatus To Show Force On Conductor In Magnetic Field Comprising a strong U-shaped magnet and a pair of brass rails with 4 mm socket terminals.A brass axle with plastic discs is free to roll along the rails and completes the electrical contact between them.When the axle is placed on the rails between the poles of the magnet, and a power supply unit is connected, the axle rolls along the rails, away from the centre of the magnetic field.

Product Image (S.I.T 75)

Maganine Wire

Price: 250 INR


Product Image (S.I.T 134)


Price: 100 INR

These hand held Bakelite Handle Magnifier having Spherical Double Convex glass lens mounted in chromium plated brass ring with metal knob and Bakelite handle looks very attractive and specially manufactured for export purpose. The hand-held magnifier design involves a handle that is attached to a lens through which the user will view an object – whether it is text or an image Hand-held magnifiers are the one of the simplest type of magnifiers to use and are also the most familiar. Nearly everyone has used a hand-held magnifier at some point in time. Diameter Focal length 75mm 20-100cm 100mm 20-100cm

Product Image (S.I.T 104)

Inductance Coil

Price: 2000 INR

Induction Coils are wound from insulated copper wire and paraffin wax insulation is provided throughout with condenser, in polished case. A fully adjustable trembler system is incorporated spark suppression capacitors are housed in a base. A pair of pointer electrodes are supplied with the instrument, the pointer electrode having an insulating handle for adjustment of the spark gap. Low voltage input is via a pair of baseboard mounted 4 mm. Sockets

Product Image (S.I.T 117)


Price: 60 INR

• Optimum performance • Accurate measurements • Effective results

Product Image (S.I.T 114)


Price: 30 INR

We are providing a wide range of Pencil Jockey to our valuable clients

Product Image (S.I.T 111)

Induced Current Apparatus

Price: 270 INR

Induced Current Apparatus A soft iron core fits inside the primary. Consisting of primary coil of thicker enameled copper wire wound on insulated former with terminals, which slides inside secondary coil of thinner gauge copper wire mounted on a base with 4 mm terminals.

Product Image (SIT - 2140)

Cooks Pole Climbing Apparatus Labappara

Price: 15500 INR

Product Specification:- Cooks Pole Climbing Labappara Cooks Pole Climbing Apparatus outer chamber made of thick plywood sheet with an observation window and inner animal chamber is made of clear acrylic sheet bottom of which is provided with chrome plated brass bars.

Product Image (S.I.T 60)

Helmholtz Galvanometer

Price: 3000 INR

Helmholtz galvanometer , like other galvanometers , is an instrument which can be use to measure dc current in the circuit.It is an improved form of the tangent galvanometer. It is based on Tangent Law, which states that when two magnetic fields are acting

Product Image (SIT - 2230)

Hand Grip Dynameters Labappara

Price: 4800 INR

Product Description: Hand Grip Dynameters Labappara Dynamometers are instruments for measuring the maximum isometric strength of the hand and forearm muscles, used for testing handgrip strength of athletes involved in strength training, or participants in sports in which the hands are used for catching, throwing or lifting such as gymnasts, tennis players and rock climbers, and for tracking improvements with strength training and during rehabilitation.

Product Image (SIT - 2420)

Respiration Pump Labappara

Price: 60000 INR

Respiration Pump – 500 cc Single cylinder pump with mechanically operated valve All metal construction The driving cone has 3 siots of 6″ x 9″ x 12″ dia & balanced A¼ H P.geared Compton motor drives the pump The stroke is adjustable & graduated in cc up to 500 cc motor coupled On castor wheel base.

Product Image (SIT - 2410)

Rota Rod Labappara

Price: 15500 INR

ROTA ROD: Rota Road Apparatus Latest with Digital Counter for determining neuro-pixicity, muscle tone, balance and motor co-ordination in rats and mice. Consisting of two or three or four compartments of 75 mm width each with a rotating rod of 25 mm diameter having speed of 5,10,15,20 and 25 rpm with time interval counters in each compartment.

Product Image (SIT - 2170)

Collapsible Tube Filling Machine Labappara

Price: 9500 INR

Product Specification Collapsible Tube Filling Machine Labappara Stroke type and piston arrangement with stroke setting of various capacity of filling tubes detachable nozzles.

Product Image (SIT - 2180)

Collapsible Tube Sealing Machine Labappara

Price: 3700 INR

Product Description: Collapsible Tube Sealing Machine Labappara The range of tube filling and sealing machine fabricated by us is used for filling various products in tubes and then sealing it. Various products that can be filled by these machines are cream, gel, ointment, shampoo, tooth paste, and food products such as adhesives, grease, sauce, & others. Basically, products having different characteristics of flow and viscosity are packed by tube filling machine. The machinery is strictly according to GMP norms and has a compatible design, which is ideal for sealing and filling lami as well as aluminum tubes. But, for aluminum crimping a separate attachment is required.

Product Image (S.I.T 095)

Hares Apparatus

Price: 300 INR

For comparing the densities of liquids by measuring the heights of two columns of liquid produced by applying suction to the short center limb. Comprising three limbed glass tube mounted on polished wooden stand with meter scale 45 cm long with 0 at the bottom. The scale is divided in centimeters and millimeters. Supplied w/o rubber tube and pinch cock.

Product Image (S.I.T 096)

Hollow Glass Prism

Glass prism reflection Prism’s equilaterals have and also used to disperse. This kind of Glass Prism can reflect seven-color sunlight. Great prism for teaching can be also a toy for kids made of high quality optical glass. Equilateral 60x60x60º 38mm (Superior Quality) 50mm (Superior Quality) 38mm (Routine Quality) 50mm (Routine Quality) Right Angle 45x45x90º 38mm 50mm

Product Image (SIT - 2220)

Histamine Chamber Complete With Sphygoma Labappara

Price: 6500 INR

Product Description Histamine Chamber: histamine chambers that are widely used in various pharmaceutical industries. These chambers are equipped with a compact histamine aerosol apparatus with a clear perspex exposition chamber attached to it. In addition, these chambers are divided in two compartments that provide ease of operation. Moreover, these chambers are provided with dial type sphygmomanometer and glass nebulizer for easy passage of anti-histamines drug. Histamine aerosole size 12” 10” x 6”, made of acrylic sheet, with glass nebulizer, dial type sphygmometer, rubber bellow for constant pressure with Y tube and rubber tubing.

Product Image (S.I.T 083)


Price: 200 INR

In order to cater the variegated demands of our clients, we are offering an excellent quality range of Laboratory

Product Image (SIT - 1810)

Autopsy Table Labappara

Price: 228000.00 INR

Product Specification:- Autopsy Table Labappara We are offering Stainless Steel Autopsy Table to our clients. With the help of our ample resource and advance infrastructure, we are able to present a completely tested array of Autopsy Tables. Offered Autopsy Tables are known for their reliable nature and optimum quality. These tables are fabricated by our professionals by keeping diverse requirements of the customers in their mind.

Product Image (S.I.T 084)


Price: 300 INR

DC moving coil panel meter Different models are available like M0 65, MR 80 AND MR 100

Product Image (S.I.T 55)


Price: 170 INR

• Comprises wooden former with terminals & engraved metal circle marked 0 – 180 – 0, divided & figured every 45º, with magnetic pivot, wound with 30 turns enameled copper wire & complete with 75 mm magnetic needle with brass bearing. Maximum opening voltage 4.5 V.

Product Image (SIT - 1790)

Moisture Analyzer Labappara

Price: 35000 INR

Specification:- MOISTURE ANALYZER LABAPPARA 1. halogen light heating 2. curve(graph) 3. temperature and time can be set 4. the percentage of moisture content

Product Image (S.I.T 094)

Hoffman Voltameter

Price: 1200 INR

For demonstrating decomposition of water. This design i s prefer red for work of best precision.Platinum electrodes are used electrolysis of water.The electrodes are mounted with rubber stoppers for insertion in the open ends of the voltmeter limbs. The unit has two connected limbs, integral with reservoir tube and funnel shaped bulb, with a stop clock at the top of each limb. with suitable metallic stand, helps to prevent accidental breakage.Glass parts are made from corning glass

Product Image (S.I.T 089)

Glass Slab

Price: 48 INR

We export high quality Glass Prism, Glass Slabs , Semi-Circular Blocks, Hollow Prism in Glass & Acrylic • Glass Prism Equilateral 60 x 60 x 60° • Sizes - 38 mm and 50 mm • Glass Prism Right Angle 45 x 45 x 90° • Sizes - 38 mm and 50 mm • Hollow Prism, Sizes - 38 mm & 50 mm • Glass Slabs / Glass Blocks 75 X 50 X 12 mm 75 X 50 X 18 mm 100 X 60 X 18 mm

Product Image (SIT - 2110)

Bottle Cap Sealing Machine Labappara

Price: 21500 INR

Product Specification Bottle Cap Sealing Machine Hand Operated Portable, hand operated equipment with two extra cap holders of different sizes. Totally casted machine hand operated. Bottle Cap Sealing Machine is Portable, hand operated equipment with two extra cap holders of different sizes. Totally casted machine hand operated. Hand operated.

Product Image (SIT - 1799)

Infrared Moisture Balance Labappara

Price: 16500 INR

Product Specification:- Infrared Moisture Balance Backed by rich industry experience and market understanding, we are involved in offering a wide array of Infrared Moisture Balance to our valued patrons.

Product Image (S.I.T 085)

Geometrical Instruments Box

Price: 700 INR

We are manufactures of all scientific wooden products and some in plastic are also available .Our range include Geometric Instruments in wooden .It is a set. The set includes compass, devider ,wooden scale,set square,Protactoretc.If you need any type of scientific ,surgical product

Product Image (SIT - 2070)


Price: 12000 INR

Product Specification Analgesiometer (Eddy Hot Plate) Labappara Description: Offering Analgesiometer Eddy’s Hot Plate with square box consisting of 30x30cms, heating surface with Perspex enclosure and solid state digital temperature controller with indicating galvanometer to set surface temp. Between 30ºto 80ºC

Product Image (S.I.T 086)

Geometrical Figure

Price: 1350 INR

Set of 16 in box. Available in size: • Large size 3" • Poly 3"

Product Image (S.I.T 50)

Ganong's Light Screen

Price: 110 INR

Ganong Light Screen (Brass):- PLANT PHYSIOLOGY APPARATUS » Ganong Light Screen (Brass) Ganong’s light screen – Plant Physiology Laboratory Equipment Ganong’s light screen is an instrument used to stop the supply of light to a part of a leaf so that we can study the importance of light factor for the preparation of food by the leaf through photosynthesis.

Product Image (S.I.T 062)

Daniel Cell

Price: 400 INR

We are ranked amongst the foremost firms, engaged in offering a qualitative range of Daniel Cell Electrical Circuit. Provides satisfactory performance and constant E M F over continuous use. Comprising a heavy-gauge copper outer vessel with an internal perforated shelf for copper sulphate crystals, a porous pot, and an amal gamated zinc rod fitted with a wooden supporting cap. The zinc rod and copper vessel are each provided with a 4mm socket terminals. The cell has an EMF of 1.1V approx., with a working capacity of about 0.85L.These products used for both AC and DC operations with motor/generator with easily changeable parts to convert an AC into DC (motor/generator). Our offered products are completely checked by quality experts under strict parameters meeting all the standards. Customers can avail these products from us at nominal rates.

Product Image (S.I.T 064)

Decade Condencer

Price: 2400 INR

PSAW decade condenser boxes are constructed from highly quality silver mica, polyster and metal film capacitor (working voltage 250 V) of extremely low power factor. The capacitors are mounted on a 4 pole 11 position high grade band switches, which are arranged on a bakelite panel and enclosed in a teakwood box. The decade condenser boxes are also supplied in a superior quality metal case (channel - in - cannel design). In temporary circuits, so often used in teaching and experimental work, these capacitance boxes have proved practical.

Product Image (S.I.T 003)

Aneroid Barometer

Price: 90-300 INR

Wi t h 1 0 0mm d i a l graduated 28 to 31 inch of mercury and 960 to 1060 millibars. With plated bezel, cover glass and index plastic base approx. 16cm diameter. Enclosed in a transparent synthetic case for demonstration purposes. Air tight sealed all round, a pressure bulb is provided to force the movements for educative demonstration.

Product Image (S.I.T 001)


Price: 195 INR

DC, SINGLEConstruction similar to Galvanometer moving coil with zero on left.Ranges : 1,1.5,3,5, and 10A AMMETER DC, DOUBLETwo different ranges, selectable through set of three 4-mm socket terminals.A. 0-1,5B. 0-1,10C. 0-3,15 D. 0-3,30A


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