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Product Image (S.I.T EI 130)

E/m by Millikan Oil Drop Method Apparatus

Price: 18400 INR

Millikans oil Drop Apparatus is used to measure the Elementary Electric Charge. To achieve this, tiny charged droplets of oil are finely sprayed into two metal electrodes placed horizontally. Heavier drops tend to fall downwards fastly due to their thermal velocity but the lighter ones remain almost steady inside the metal electrode condenser chamber. An adjustable electric voltage is applied between the metal electrode plates which creates an electric field inside the condenser chamber. By adjusting the electric voltage, drops can be moved upwards or downwards according to their charge. In the original design of Millikans oil drop apparatus, it was not easy to locate the oil drops in the condenser because the setting was critical. Therefore, keeping this thing into consideration, we made some improvements in the original design of this instrument, hence, making it user and student friendly. With just minor settings, Millikans Oil Drop Apparatus is capable of producing bright and large number of oil drops can be seen in the condenser enabling the students to perform the experiment with great accuracy and comfort.

Product Image (S.I.T EI017)

Fet Characteristic Apparatus

Price: 3800 INR

With a firm commitment to quality, we are involved in offering a wide ambit of FET Characteristics Apparatus.

Product Image (S.I.T EI 020)

Function Generator

Price: 11000 INR

The Function Generator is capable of Providing SINE, SQUARE, and TRIANGLE. Low Distortion Function Generator has linear Frequency Scale very low Distortion and constant signal amplitude with the output Signal Symmetry about Zero. The DC coupled output provides square wave without any appreciable Sag at low frequency. It has maximum 20 VP/P amplitude. The output is protected against short circuit. It has a offset control provided to shift the base line of signal by ± 10 volts. The continuously variable DC offset control further enhances the versatility of the instrument. The equipment is used in Audio Electronics and other Laboratory & Research Work.

Product Image (S.I.T EI 019)

Four Probe Method Apparatus

Price: 19000 INR

Four Probe Method Sigma-040FPM:- 1. Probes Arrangement, : It has four individually spring loaded probes. The probes are collinear and equally spaced. The probes are mounted in a Ptfe bush, which ensures a good electrical insulation between the probes. A Ptfe spacer near the tips is also provided to keep the probes at equal distance. The probe arrangement is mounted in a suitable stand, which also hold, the sample plate. To ensure the correct measurement of sample temperature, the RTD is embedded in the sample plate just below the sample. This stand also serves as the lid of the temperature controlled oven, Proper leads are provided for the current and voltage measurement.

Product Image (S.I.T EI016)

Energy Band Gap Apparatus

Price: 4200 INR

Experimentation with Semiconductor Energy Band Gap Measurement introduces you to a very useful nonlinear electronic device: “diode”. This product familiarizes the characterstics and the energy band gap of Germanium semiconductor diode. Semiconductor diode is an important element of most electronic devices and plays an essential role in modern technology, because of its relevant conductivity. This product provides the crucial framework, which needs to understand the concept of an energy band gap and characteristic of a diode. Conductivity is directly related to energy bands and it is necessary for any detailed description of Semiconductor devices.

Product Image (S.I.T EI017)

Fet Characteristic Apparatus

Price: 3800 INR

Being one of the reputed organizations, operating in this domain, we are engaged in manufacturing, trading and supplying a quality range of Transistor Characteristics Apparatus. Specifications: Comprises of Two DC Regulated Power Supplies 0-10 VDC/150 mA & 0-1 VDC/150 mA Four round meters for voltage & current measurement One PNP & one NPN Transistor mounted behind the panel Connections of Supplies & Transistors brought out at 4 mm Sockets

Product Image (S.I.T EI N20)

Doubler & Tripler Voltage Circuit Kit

Price: 3000 INR

Objective : To study Voltage multiplication using Diodes, Resistances & Capacitors. Features : Instrument comprises of AC Power Supply with Output selectable using band switch, Circuit diagram of Doubler and Tripler Printed & Components mounted on the front panel.

Product Image (S.I.T EI120)

E/m by Helical Method Apparatus

Price: 20000 INR

The apparatus is designed to work on Mains, with Built-in H.T. Power Supply. It is provided with other accessories such as solenoid Rheostat. To study charge of an electron by short solenoid method. Kit consists of Low voltage DC Power Supply with filament voltage, variable High voltage and Solenoid current source. Two meters are provided for Anode Voltage and solenoid current. One Solenoid mounted so that Magnetron can slide in solenoid pipe. Dimension 13"x7"x7". (Power Supply)

Product Image (S.I.T EI N21)

Encoder & Decoder Circuit Apparatus

Price: 4000 INR

Backed by the profound industry experience, we are offering Encoder & Decoder Circuits. These are fabricated under the surveillance of professionals following international standards. Moreover, we offer these products in various specifications and models in order to meet the needs of varied customers.

Product Image (S.I.T EI012)

Diac Characteristics Apparatus

Price: 3000 INR

Transistor Characteristic Apparatus with build in stabilized power supply. Workable on 230 volts. AC fitted with PNP transistor or AC 128 on front panel. Different electrodes of transistor & power supply. Output and meter connections are brought in panel with separate terminals. With in four meters Specification : Instrument comprises of Two DC Regulated Power Supplies 0-10 V DC/150mA 0-1 V DC/150 mA, four acrylic meters for voltage & current measurement , one PNP & one NPN Transistor mounted on the panel, connections of Supplies , Transistors brought out at 4 mm Sockets. NPN or NPN transistor can be selected by use of toggle switch. Special design of double tapered powder coated box make it very Elegant, attractive & it also gives proper viewing of analog meters. Set of 10 Single point interconnection leads & comprehensive User Manual is provided.

Product Image (S.I.T EI N19)

Digital to Analog (D/a) Converter Kit

Price: 4000 INR

To learn the principle of digital to analog converter using the integrated circuit Parallel binary inputs are given using logic switches This circuit converts the binary inputs into a corresponding output voltages which is in analog can be observed using voltmeter

Product Image (S.I.T EI 110)

Dielectric Constant Apparatus

Price: 17000 INR

To calculate dielectric constant of solids. The instrument consists of high Frequency R.F. Oscillator of 8MHz. of tuneable Frequency with a Gang Condenser Optimum Resonance point is indicated on meter. The change in meter reading after placing dielectric material between parallel plates can be detected and difference can be noted for calculation.

Product Image (S.I.T EI N17)

Decade Inductance Box

Price: 4200 INR

We are remarkable entity, engaged in offering superior range of Decade Inductance Box. The offered device is used various electrical labs for measuring purpose. This device is designed by our highly trained technicians using premium quality components and advanced technologies and tested on numerous quality parameters to make it highly efficient. Our offered device is highly admired by our clients owing to its excellent features like superior functionality.

Product Image (S.I.T EI N16)

Crystal Oscillator Kit

Price: 3400 INR

DC supply 12 V @ 500 mA On panel circuit diagram Required numbers of patch cords and operating manual. Features: High Quality Highly Efficient Safest

Product Image (S.I.T EI 010)

Conversion of Galvanometer Into Ammeter

Price: 3000 INR

ur domain expertise has enabled us to come up with Calibrationation /conversion of galvanometer into ammeter & voltmeter The offered range is developed by the experts in compliance with the industry standards. Advanced technology is diligently implied by the experts of our organization in designing these devices.

Product Image (S.I.T EI 099)

Banana Plug Leads Are Used for Connectivity

Price: 50 INR


Product Image (S.I.T EIN13)

Common Emitter Transistor Amplifier Kit

Price: 2700 INR

Common Emitter Amplifier is used to study common emitter amplifier. This kit has been designed keeping students in mind so its very easy to understand and use Details:- On board circuit to study common emitter amplifier. On board POT for varying amplitude of input signal. On board test point to analyse the signal ON/OFF switch and LED for power indication. Bare board Tested Glass Epoxy SMOBC PCB is used. Block Description Screen printed on glassy epoxy PCB All interconnections are made using 2mm banana Patch cords Supplied with User manual and patch cords With built-in power supply Enclosed in a wooden/plastic box

Product Image (S.I.T EIN14)

Common Base Transistor Amplifier Kit

Price: 2700 INR

THEORY: A properly biased transistor raises the strength of a weak signal and thus acts as an amplifier. Considering ultimate function of the amplifier, A voltage amplifier increases the voltage level of the input signal. So, it is designed to produce the largest possible voltage gain with only a little power being drawn from the output by the load.

Product Image (S.I.T EI 009)

Conversion of Galvanometer Into Voltmeter

Price: 3000 INR

Instrument comprises of DC Regulated Power Supply 0-10 VDC/500 mA, two round meters (One Voltmeter & One Galvanometer), Three set of Resistances mounted on panel, connections of Supplies, Meters & Resistances brought on terminals. Dimension 10"x8"x3".

Product Image (S.I.T EI004)

B.H. Curve Apparatus

Price: 3400 INR

B.H Curve with Transformer Core is a trainer kit with built in power supply with external specimen Advantages: Highly durable Affordable Easy to use

Product Image (S.I.T EI007)

Charging & Discharging Of Condenser Apparatus

Price: 2700 INR

To study RC Time constant using various sets of resistance & capacitors. Features:- Instrument comprises of Dc Power Supply with selector switch to select different voltages. One Centre Zero Micro ammeter, Circuit diagram is Printed. Terminals are provided for connecting different values of Resistances & capacitor.

Product Image (S.I.T EIN12)

Clamp Meter

Price: 1800 INR

We are occupied in providing a wide series of Digital Clamp Meter that meets on customer’s demand. Features: Large Lcd For Easy Reading. Data Hold Switch Freezes Reading. Low Battery Indication. Continuity Buzzer. Tough Abs Plastic Housing. Diode Check Accessories Test Leads, Carrying Case, Manual

Product Image (S.I.T EIN11)

Boolean Identities

Our domain expertise has enabled us to come up with Digital Logic Trainer (Logic Gates, Boolean Identities). The offered products are designed and developed by the professionals using high quality raw material and by employing latest technologies. These are stringently checked by the quality analyzers of our firm on varied parameters to ensure their flawlessness before the end delivery.

Product Image (S.I.T EI002)

Battery Eliminators

Price: 1500 INR

Electronics-instruments-battery eliminator-Battery eliminators are having full wave bridge and double wound transformers, using copper wire and high grade lamination to avoid losses. They are built in a nicely polished box having lock type terminals on/off switch, jewel light etc. A) 2,4,6,8,10, 12 volts at 500 milli amps to 6 amps.

Product Image (S.I.T EN10)

Bistable Multivibrator Kit

Price: 2600 INR

Bistable Multivibrator using IC 555 has been designed to study the characteristics of Bistable Multivibrator. The instrument comprises of the following built-in parts:- IC 555 placed inside the cabinet & connections brought out at sockets. DC regulated power supply of 5Volts available on sockets. Various resistances & capacitors connected inside the cabinet & connections brought out on the sockets. Two Push To ON switches are provided on front panel, active low and active high for trigger input.

Product Image (S.I.T EI003)

Bread Board

Price: 300 INR

This is a medium sized breadboard with around 320 tie points. It’s 2.2″ x 3.4″ (5.5 cm x 8.5 cm) with two power rails on both sides. These boards can clip together in 2 dimensions to make bigger breadboards. The power rails can be easily detached for a thinner board, and the groove in the middle makes it easy to cut the boards in half to make really tiny breadboards.

Product Image (S.I.T EI028)

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

Price: 5000 INR

25MHz/50MHz/75MHz/100MHz Bandwidth 7 Inch Color TFT-LCD Display, 480*234 500MSa/Sec Sampling Rate Channels:2CH+1EXT Memory Depth: 32kpts 6 digits hardware Frequency Counter, real time counting display Support SCPI programming command control Interface: USB Device ,USB Host, RS-232, Pass/Fail Unique digital filter and data recorder function Embedded 12 languages, online help, one key storing and one key printing Vertical Sensitivity: 2mV ~ 10V/Div 8 Bit Vertical Resolution Trigger Source: CH1,CH2,Ext,Ext/5,AC Line Trigger Type: Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope, Alternative Math Operation: +,-,*,/,FFT

Product Image (S.I.T ECN04)

Adder & Subtractor Kit

Price: 4200 INR

Built-in power supply DC +5 V @ 500 mA 3 Logic input switches with green LED display 3 Logic output red LED display Two and gates ( 7408 ), one OR gate ( 7432 ) Two not gates ( 7404 ) & Two EX-OR gates ( 7486 ) on panel Required numbers of patch cords and operating manual.

Product Image (S.I.T ECN07)

Analog To Digital (A/D) Converter Kit

Price: 4600 INR

With rich industry experience and knowledge, we are engaged in providing our esteemed clients a qualitative range of Analog to Digital Converter. Procured from the reliable vendors of the market, these converters are fabricated using optimum quality raw material and sophisticated technology in accordance with the international standards. Tested on various parameters by our quality controllers, these converters are available at industry leading prices.

Product Image (S.I.T ECN01)

8085 Microprocessor Trainer Kit

Price: 10000 INR

he OHM 8085 board is based on Intel 80 81 Microprocessor, which operates at 6.144 MHz The board can operate using the 101/104 PC keyboard supplied along with the trainer kit and 2 Line by 16-character LCD display or from the PC . Microprocessor’s Address, Data and Control bus pins are brought to the 50-pin FRC connector. OHM 8085 is equipped with powerful software monitor in 27C128 EPROM. The monitor supports Video terminals RS232C interface, 101keyboard and LCD display. The board has 32KB CMOS static RAM (type 62256), 8081 Microprocessor operating at 6.144 MHz 16KB powerful software monitors 27C128 EPROM. Three 16 bit programmable timers from 8253/8254. 48 Programmable I/O lines from two nos. of 8255. Serial interface using 8251. 50 Pin FRC connector for system bus expansion. 20 pin FRC connectors for user interface from 8255. 9 Pin D type female connector for RS 232C interface and 9 Pin.Six numbers of selectable baud rates from 150 to 9600. 101 PC type keyboard for entering user address/data and for commands.Built in line-by-line Assemble and Disassemble. Facility to connect to PC.


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